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Pennsylvania has more miles of rivers and streams than any other state except Alaska!

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The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds (FPW), formerly known as the Western Pennsylvania Watershed Program, is a grant-making foundation that invests in local efforts to protect healthy, natural streams, to clean up pollution and to restore degraded wildlife habitat. We are a source of matching funds for local, state and federal grants. We provide matching grant funds to both small and large groups and organizations throughout most of the Commonwealth (we currently do not service areas east of the Susquehanna River).

You might be surprised to learn that Pennsylvania has more miles of streams and rivers than any other state except Alaska!

Our goal is “protecting the best and restoring the rest.”

Many of Pennsylvania’s waters are pristine — surrounded by natural areas, guarded by watchful citizens and responsible laws and teeming with a wide variety of plants and animals. We need to keep it that way to ensure that there will be enough clean water for future generations of Pennsylvania children, families and wildlife.

Other waters are threatened. In the western part of the state, pollution flowing from old coal mines has poisoned many miles of streams and rivers. On the edges of our cities, runaway development is sending more and more polluted runoff into local creeks and the rivers into which they drain. Unfortunately, some corporations still resist their responsibilities to obey the law and control their pollution. Some communities are still failing to plan ahead to ensure there will be enough clean water for their growing populations and economies.

In partnership with local citizens’ organizations, we work hard daily to address these problems for the benefit of everyone. We bring philanthropic investors together with concerned citizens and groups to make a difference. We present testimony to the legislature and other public officials about the need to maintain strong clean- water laws and the urgency of enforcing them responsibly and fairly.

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