The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds

Drilling Funds Available

Working closely with our funders, Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds has procured more than $100,000 to address water quality, and public outreach pursuant to natural gas drilling. These funds continue FPW’s commitment to watershed protection, and are intended to leverage additional project funds. Groups interested in applying for drilling funds should discuss their project with FPW staff, and follow the General Grant-making Guidance on our Grants’ page. FPW intends to drilling funding on a revolving cycle. In order to be considered for funding, grantees must have all past project reporting complete, provide a complete LOI and grant application, and conform to our general funding parameters.

As an additional tool for grantees, FPW provides access and training for FracTracker and Data.FracTraker. Grantees are encouraged to provide their information to this site. FPW believes that diverse datasets help inform the public about drilling throughout the Commonwealth. FPW is pleased to announce Brook Lenker, formerly of DCNR, is the new FracTracker Director. We encourage anyone with Marcellus or FracTracker concerns to discuss them with Brook.

Grants awarded will be posted, as timely as possible, to our grant transparency webpage. Grantees are encouraged to work with our Rhiza Administrator, Gwen Johnson to enhance their project information.