The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds

Renew Growing Greener

Foundation strongly believes in the Growing Greener initiative. This program, brought to existence under the Ridge Administration, has led to countless acts of environmental stewardship. As the bond-issued Growing Greener II winds down, and Growing Greener I funds dwindle due to paying debt services on the bond, we are faced with the challenge of Renew Growing Greener. Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds’ commitment to Growing Greener is steadfast, as we have been the largest, single leveraging partner of the program. Our commitment continues with the hiring of Andrew Heath–Renew Growing Greener Coalition Executive Director.

The Coalition needs your help. It is vitally important, as Foundation discovered during Abandoned Mine Lands Fund reauthorization, that local support is articulated and demonstrated. You can help us do exactly that. Please sign-on as an organization that endorses the program, solicit a resolution from your county government, and encourage elected officials to tour your Growing Greener projects.

The following documents are meant to assist you assist us!

PA Map of County Resolutions

Sample Resolution (requires Word 2007)