The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds

Abandoned Mine Drainage

Pollution from abandoned mines has poisoned thousands of miles of streamsPennsylvania has a rich economic and cultural legacy associated with coal mining. Unfortunately, this also means the state is generously sprinkled with abandoned mines, which often leak acid, heavy metals, and other pollution into nearby waters. In fact, more than 4,000 miles of Pennsylvania streams are effectively dead — uninhabited by fish or insects — because of this pollution. Many others are too polluted to support human needs for safe drinking water or family activities.

If you are working to clean up pollution from an abandoned coal mine, The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds wants to help. Funding in this Program Area covers studying mine drainage, treatment system design and treatment system construction. We encourage grant seekers to use our funds to match federal and state abandoned mine drainage reclamation funds. Priority is given to projects that address headwaters degradation or the largest discharges in a given watershed.