The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds

Nonpoint Source Pollution

The Foundation helps farmer keep cow manure from polluting local streamsSome of the worst pollution comes from some unlikely sources — sediment washing into streams from construction sites, pesticides and manure running off farms during storms and oil and trash funneled into nearby waters from parking lots and streets. Add these up, and you have a big problem: Nonpoint source pollution — better known as polluted runoff.Cow manure is full of germs, so we try to keep it out of streams and rivers

We invest in projects that seek to reduce the amount of polluted runoff entering a stream, or to prevent such pollution from occurring in the first place. For example, you can apply for grants to help developers implement responsible building practices on their sites, to replant stream banks with vegetation that absorbs pollution, or to help farmers adopt best management practices to protect their streams from their animals and their chemicals.