The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds

Watershed Preservation and Design

Scientists explore a streamRunaway development in many parts of Pennsylvania is threatening to erase valuable natural areas before the surrounding community even realizes what might be lost. If that sounds like your situation, the Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds can help.

The Foundation helps citizens discover the wildlife that lives in their local streamsWe provide¬†grants to conduct scientific inventories — the waters, the soils, the wildlife, the plants — of threatened natural areas before it’s too late. We can help you provide local leaders with the information they need to make responsible decisions about proposed development — balancing business needs with community needs for natural areas where wildlife lives and families can play together. Farmers and developers can use the information in these inventories to plan ahead – adopting new practices that reduce pollution and working around areas too precious to plow or pave.

This Program Area allows for development of natural stream channel design work, watershed assessments, watershed remediation plans and matching funds for PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR’s) Rivers Conservation Planning. For information relating to the completed Rivers Conservation Plans click here.

All natural stream channel design projects must address the ‘root’ cause of the problem grant funds will address. Additionally, all projects being considered for natural stream channel design funding must include a recommendation letter from Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s Habitat Management Division. Once you’ve submitted a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) and it has been accepted; you will need to contact Scott Carney, Director of Habitat Management for a project review. He can be reached at 814-359-5124.