The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds

What Others Say

“The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds, with John Dawes’ leadership, has an impressive record of improving our streams and water quality by providing grants for assessment and design. These grants have leveraged several times their amount for project completion.”

— Dr. Colson Blakeslee, Du Bois, Pennsylvania

“The work and accomplishments of the Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds are unique and invaluable to the well being of PA’s communities and watersheds. By bringing local knowledge and dedication together with creative fiscal management and an understanding of state, regional and national interests affecting our watersheds, the Foundation enhances the performance of public and philanthropic budgets by assuring the integration of funding strategy and on-the-ground performance to benefit people, communities and the environment in Pennsylvania.”

— Louise Dunlap, Dunlap & Browder, Washington, DC

“The Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds recognizes the urgent need for community-based organizations to work on the restoration of their communities. Over the years the Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds has done an exceptional job of supporting a groundswell of community-based initiatives. It has a critical understanding of how environmental work can be accomplished by small groups.”

— Beverly Braverman, Mountain Watershed Association, Melcroft, Pennsylvania

“With the unwavering support of the Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds, our organization has accomplished much more than we ever thought possible. The ability of the Foundation to help us with matching funds and well-considered guidance has enabled us to successfully implement over 30 environmentally-friendly systems that treat over 1 million gallons of abandoned mine drainage annually. Unquestionably, the legacy of the Foundation will be realized and appreciated by many future generations of Pennsylvanians.”

— Margaret H. Dunn, PG, President, Stream Restoration Inc. (non-profit)

“John Dawes has been the ultimate ambassador for watershed conservation in Pennsylvania. He and the Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds have been the catalyst and driving force behind much of the energy, success, and momentum within Pennsylvania’s watershed management movement in the past decade. When you see John Dawes at the table, you know it’s a good project!”

— Tim Schaeffer, Audubon Pennsylvania